Ohio bill would allow unlicensed veterans to become teachers

Congressmen in Ohio are pondering a bill that would exempt teaching candidates with military experience from the typical requirements.

Senate Bill 361 would basically drop all of the prerequisites that are normally required for teaching for qualified veterans. So essentially a military veteran could become a teacher without experience, license, or even a degree. Specifically, veterans with at least four years of service that have been honorably discharged and have a reference letter from a former commander.

The bill is designed to address the teacher shortage. The teacher shortage is a nationwide problem but has hit some places harder than others.

The language of this bill is similar to that of a bill that was recently passed in Florida.

Proponents of such plans say they can help mitigate the teacher shortage by tapping into a supply of veterans who are changing careers. Some people in favor of the bill have suggested that a veteran presence in schools can help prevent school shootings or at least respond to them in the moment. Opponents say that the skills required to be a teacher are very different than the skills required to be a member of the military and that the shortage should be addressed by other means like raising pay or increasing benefits.

Read the full bill here.

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