Radioactive waste discovered at a Missouri elementary school

According to a new report, a Missouri elementary school is the site of substantial radioactivity.

Jana Elementary School of Hazelwood School district will begin virtual learning in an effort to prevent students from receiving further exposure to harmful amounts of radiation.

According to the report prepared by Boston Chemical Data Corp, radioactive waste was found in dust everywhere from the classrooms to the playground. The level of radiation at the school is 22 times higher than the average national level. The report also concludes that it will take a significant intervention to fix the issue:

“Given that radiological contamination related to these contaminants in the creek has been found in both the indoor (dust) and outdoor (soil) environments at the Jana School, a significant remedial program will be required to bring the conditions at the school into line with expectations for indoor spaces that are protective of all users regardless of age” read the report.

The school is located along Coldwater Creek. During World War II nuclear weapon production in the area created radioactive waste. That waste found its way to nearby waterways including the flood plain of Coldwater Creek that the school and several neighborhoods sit on.  

It has long been known that prolonged exposure to radiation can lead to many adverse health effects including cancer. Radiation is naturally occurring, and everyone will be exposed to some level of it throughout their lives however, the amount generated by nuclear activity and waste often proves to be harmful in both the short and long term.

The area has already been the subject of a massive clean-up effort for years.

Read the full report here.

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