Florida Father sues school district over LGBTQ pride flags in class

A father is bringing a lawsuit against a Florida school district over an LGBTQ flag in the classroom.

The suit was brought by Dr. Francisco Deliu against Emerald Cove Middle School, it’s principal, and the teacher of the class in which Deliu’s son was a student. Deliu alleges that the teacher, Rachel Raos, displayed two LGBTQ flags and discussed homosexuality in class.

The foundation of the lawsuit is Florida’s controversial “Parent’s Bill of Rights in Education Act” AKA the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This law actually prohibits instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in a way that is not age appropriate. Another part of the bill allows parents direct the education of their children. Dr. Deliu says that as Christian he views homosexuality as a sin and would prefer to discuss those things at home.

Allegedly the school’s remedy for the conflict was to move his son to art but that doesn’t suffice for Deliu who would have preferred his son moved to different computer science class.

A date has not been set for the trial.

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