Oklahoma Secretary of Education wants to switch to a Christian-based US history curriculum

Oklahoma’s secretary of education is recommending that the state’s public schools adopt a brand-new, Christianity-based history curriculum that emphasizes the role Judeo-Christian values played in the founding of the country.

Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s Secretary of Public Education, is currently the republican nominee for state superintendent. Among other things, he is pushing for a history curriculum that centers God. His rationale being that the founding fathers had those beliefs when the country was created.

“Our rights came from God.” Walters said. “It doesn’t matter if somebody else doesn’t believe it came from God. That’s what (the founders) believed so that was their belief and their intention.”

Walters claims this curriculum would be free from “indoctrination” which is a popular conservative talking point this election cycle. He is running against Democratic nominee Jenna Nelson for state superintendent.

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