Glenn Youngkin’s administration shuts down controversial education ‘tip line’

Glenn Youngkin Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America,

The controversial tip-line that Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration set up for parents to complain about everything from critical race theory to mask mandates was quietly shut down in September.

A spokesman for the governor implies that lack of use was the primary reason for pulling the plug on the tip-line.

“The help education email was deactivated in September, as it had received little to no volume during that time,” spokesperson Macaulay Porter said via email. “Constituents are always able to confidentially reach out to the governor’s office through various constituent service methods.”

Glen Youngkin’s assent was based primarily on his conservative education stances during a campaign cycle where issues like masks, remote learning, critical race theory, and LGBTQ+ issues were magnified.

Recently the public has been able to glimpse the content of some of the emails sent to the tip-line. Many of them were from the same addresses and/or not relevant to the original goal of the line.

Other states have kicked around the idea of allowing parents to report schools for “violations” for similar things. In some cases, private groups have set up their own lines and even established bounties.

According to reports, the Moms for Liberty chapter in New Hampshire offered a cash prize of $500 to the first person who can prove that a teacher has violated a contentious new law that forbids educators from teaching students that any group is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, even unintentionally.

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