Don’t forget about school board races

Mid-term results are rolling in. Most of the news will focus on big races. This is understandable. It is easy to see how a governor’s race matters. Obviously, the results from tonight’s key senate races will impact a lot of policies moving forward. But don’t forget about those school board races.

Education has taken center stage in this election. Even prospective presidential candidates are basing their campaigns around education issues. But remember the education battle that is going on now actually started in school board meetings. Many of those races will have results tonight as well and what those elected officials decide to do will likely impact you much sooner than some distant Washington DC bureaucrat.

Every issue that governors and senators are claiming to control will first be visited by a school board. LGBTQ+ issues, critical race theory, book bans, and vaccine requirements will in many cases be decided at the district level. There is a phrase that says, “all politics is local.” This is patently false when it comes to certain issues like defense… but it makes perfect sense for an issue like education. If your focus is really on education then make sure you don’t overlook your local school board election.

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