More students are eating the school lunch

School lunches have always been the subject of jokes. Even pop culture occasionally pokes fun at the school lunch. They have the reputation of being unappetizing to say the least. However, according to a new survey that has not stopped kids from eating them… reportedly even more than they did before.

A survey conducted by the nonprofit organization No Kid Hungry has found that middle and high school students are more likely to eat school meals than in previous years.

The share of students who said they were “very likely” and “somewhat likely” to eat school lunches increased from 61% in 2021 to 86% in 2022.

Convenience and cost are among the top reasons for students to take a school lunch. Only a very slight majority of students would describe the lunches as “high-quality” at 55% but that too is a significant increase over the 43% mark in 2021

Read the full report here.

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