Conservative Florida school boards sack superintendents

Education didn’t prove to be the decisive factor in the mid-terms that experts anticipated. However, Florida’s “red wave” did materialize, and the new conservative majority school boards have already begun removing superintendents they oppose.

So far, three superintendents have been removed and others are feeling the pressure.

Since the pandemic parent grievances about mask mandates, critical race theory, and LGBTQ+ issues have bubbled to the surface. Many conservative politicians and advocacy groups like the Moms for Liberty seized the opportunity to turn the angst against public education into political action.

Conservative school boards have found favor in Florida. Not only with voters as republican victories in the sunshine state dramatically outpaced republican victories in other “swing states”. But also, with the governor’s office as Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has been a vocal opponent of woke” education.

Legislation supporting fighting what conservatives perceive as “woke” or liberal indoctrination in schools has passed through Florida’s congress but has partly been blocked in federal court.

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