Watch: College student-led out of class in handcuffs after an argument with professor

A viral video of North Carolina police using handcuffs to remove a Black college student from class has people questioning the police response.

The incident occurred at Winston-Salem State University, a Historically Black College. Reportedly the dispute was over the student’s refusal to apologize to the professor.

The video shows the student being forcibly removed from class in handcuffs. Her classmates can be seen in the video pleading with the officers to let her go. The scene has some viewers drawing parallels to the same police brutality claims that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. This is a claim the university disputes:

“We understand that the weaponization of police is a prevalent problem in our community; however, that is not what happened in this incident,” said Chancellor Robinson via a letter on the school’s website. “We strive for a safe, inclusive, thriving, and intellectual community where all our faculty, staff, and students feel respected and supported. To that end, we will take swift and appropriate measures against any situation that contradicts those ideals.” 

Watch the video below.

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