Oklahoma Superintendent-elect: “No woke Santa this year”

The future Superintendent of Oklahoma left some people on the internet scratching their heads when his tweet about “woke Santa” went viral.

Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s Superintendent-elect captioned a family Christmas photo with a Santa, “No woke Santa this year :)” which led many social media users to question just what he meant by that.

Some users theorized this was a thinly veiled reference to race as the Santa in the photo appears to be White as opposed to Black and conservatives often use the term “woke” to describe diversity attempts. Walters himself denies this claim in a follow-up tweet:

“Leave it to the left to take a tweet about Santa wishing Merry Christmas and inject racial overtones.” Said Walters. “This is Joe Biden’s America. Declare war on everyone.”

Walters, who is described as a firebrand conservative beat democratic challenger Jena Nelson decisively during the mid-terms. He campaigned on ridding schools of critical race theory and other policies he asserts are being pushed by the radical left.

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