University of California strike ends with new deal

Graduate student workers at the University of California have ended their six-week strike. The strike started over the pay and benefits of academic workers.

The work stoppage hit all nine campuses in the University of California system including Berkeley and UCLA. All told the strike included around 48,000 academic personnel. To date, it is the largest higher education strike in history.  

The strike has officially ended due to the acceptance of new contracts by the workers. The graduate employees who were represented by the United Auto Workers, will have increased pay and benefits under the new contract. That contract is in effect as of now and will last until May 31, 2025.

According to a University of California press release, the new contract will bring the school up to par with other institutions in terms of compensation.

“In response to the union’s proposals and following the University’s evaluation of other top research institutions across the country, UC has restructured and enhanced its support packages to better align with similarly placed institutions of higher education. These enhancements reflect the important role that these student employees play and the University’s dedication to support its graduate students as they obtain their master’s and doctoral degrees.”

Education strikes have also hit K-12 schools in recent years in part due to rising costs of living and increasing demands.

Read the full release and view the new compensation model here.

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