A year in review: Education stories from 2022

There were a lot of big education storylines in 2022 but some of them were bigger than others. What will be the standout stories when educators look back on 2022?

5. Lingering effects of COVID-19

This is the first year since 2020 where coronavirus can’t be considered the top storyline so in a way that is progress. However, COVID is still with us in a big way. Less people may be contracting the virus but the learning loss associated with school shutdowns is only just now beginning to come into full view.

4. Uvalde School shooting

Nineteen kids and two adults were killed in a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. It triggered a nationwide conversation about school safety and gun control. The school itself has since closed but it still has the distinction of being the site of one of the biggest school shootings in history.

3. Politics

“Politics” is a very general sub-heading but there is no other way to describe it because education infiltrated every level of politics in 2022. Heated debates about critical race theory and LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts were had at school board meetings all the way up to Capitol Hill. This was evident during the campaign season for the last election cycle.

2. Affirmative action case

The Supreme Court has begun to hear arguments on affirmative action. Nothing has been decided yet but the conservative majority on the bench has been openly skeptical of the legality of affirmative action in the past. This is an argument that could change the education landscape forever. This story will continue to develop in 2023.

1. Student loan forgiveness

President Biden attempted to fulfill at least a portion of a campaign promise when he pledged to forgive up to $10K in federal student loans for borrowers. The initiative is being challenged in court and will likely be settled at the Supreme Court level. The precedent that the executive branch could unilaterally forgive student loans would likely make this a storyline for future presidents as well.

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