High school football coach on leave after player hospitalizations

Several Rockwall-Heath High School athletes were hospitalized after a conditioning session last Friday. The coach, John Harrell, has been placed on administrative leave following the incident.

According to a source who spoke with WFAA, the students were diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, or rhabdo, after falling ill during a hard workout that included more than 300 push-ups over the course of 60 minutes.

According to the National Library of Medicine, rhabdomyolysis is a condition that can be induced by physical exercise, prolonged physical activity, or sudden and excessive muscle contractions. Symptoms include muscle pain, loss of consciousness, vomiting, confusion, headache, fatigue, and a change in urine color. The condition can cause permanent disability or even death.  

The school district released the following letter to parents about the incident:

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