Arizona’s new governor wants to repeal the new voucher program

Gage Skidmore

Arizona’s voucher expansion made huge waves back in October. But Arizona no longer has a Republican governor and the Democrat currently in office is not a fan of the massive school choice expansion that came before her.

The office of Gov. Katie Hobbs has released her executive budget and it is clear that she aims to repeal the universal expansion of Arizona’s voucher system. Before the expansion vouchers were available to kids in exceptional circumstances or kids at failing public schools. Post-expansion they are available to every kid in the state.

The grievance against the expansion is the cost which is estimated to be around $1.5 billion over the next ten years. That and the fact that many of the families using the vouchers would have attended private schools without the help of state money.

Regardless of how the new democrat governor feels, Republicans still control the state legislature, and her repeal of the program will likely a difficult sell.

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