Lawyer: Former Richneck Elementary school principal unaware of gun on campus

An attorney for Briana Foster Newton, the former principal at Richneck Elementary school, claims that her client was not made aware of a gun on campus the day of the shooting.

On Jan. 6, a 6-year-old boy shot his first-grade teacher. In the following days, several reports claimed that the appropriate school administrators were notified on three separate occasions. According to Newton’s lawyer, she was not one of the administrators that was notified.

“It continues to be reported that unidentified school administrators were aware that the 6-year-old student had a gun at school on Jan. 6 and simply failed to act. Mrs. Newton has been assumed to be one of those administrators. However, that is far from the truth,” said Pamela Branch, the lawyer for the former principal.

Newton has since been reassigned.

The teacher who was shot, Abigail Zwerner, was initially critically injured but has since been released from the hospital. The parents of the 6-year-old boy have released a statement saying the boy has an “acute disability” and that the gun he accessed was in fact, “secured.”

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