Survey: Majority of teachers considering leaving the classroom in the next three years

A survey has found that most teachers are at least considering leaving the profession over the next couple of years.

The survey asked the question “In the next three years do you think you will leave the education profession?”: 30% of respondents said ”yes,” 33% said “maybe,” and only 37% said “no.”

The late November survey conducted by Horace Mann also zeroed in on the aspects of education that are seemingly pushing teachers out of the classroom like understaffing, burnout, and financial concerns. For example, 44% of teachers report they are “just getting by” financially as opposed to 16% of the general population.

This research comes on the heels of a national teacher shortage. In another survey, 53% percent of schools reported being understaffed and a similar amount expressed difficulty in keeping teachers.

Read the full report here.

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