Suicide of 14-year-old girl prompts student walkout

A New Jersey teen took her own life last week and students are demanding accountability. 14-year-old Adriana Kuch committed suicide after footage of her being attacked in the hallway surfaced online.  

The teens involved in the attack have been suspended indefinitely. They are also facing possible criminal charges. However, both the family of the victim and her classmates say the school did not do enough to prevent the bullying that they say led Adriana to take her own life.

“A kid is assaulted with a weapon and their policy is not to call the police or file a report,” said Michael Kuch, the father of the victim.

Students at Central Regional High School in Berkeley Township staged a walkout in response to what they perceive is the school’s lack of action in regard to bullying. Over 200 students participated in the walkout throughout the day.

At the time of posting, there is no update from the prosecutors on the possible charges.

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