More states to review AP African American studies course

4 states are conducting reviews of the College Board’s new Advanced Placement African American studies course. Arkansas, North Dakota, Mississippi, and Virginia are all taking a closer look at the curriculum of the course to see if it violates any of their laws around critical race theory.

The closer examination of the class comes following Florida’s rejection of the course. Florida banned the initial version of the class due to the violation of their state law. Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Department of Education cited a list of the topics they objected to in the curriculum. The disputed issues included things like Black Lives Matter, queer studies, and intersectionality.

The revised version doesn’t contain some of the things that they objected to. However, the College Board claims that Florida’s decision played no role in the revision.

Conservatives around the country have pushed back against curricula they see as divisive or “woke.”

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