U.S. News & World Report purchases CollegeAdvisor.com

U.S. News & World Report has acquired the website CollegeAdvisor.com. Founded in 2019, the site specializes in matching students to different learning institutions and coaching them through the admissions process.

U.S. News & World Report was already in the college business. The publication is known for its annual college rankings. However, those rankings have come under fire recently for their methodology prompting several high-profile institutions to withdraw their participation.

U.S. News hopes prospective college students use their new acquisition in conjunction with their rankings system:

“U.S. News helps students make the best college decisions that are right for them,” said Eric Gertler, executive chairman and CEO of U.S. News. “The CollegeAdvisor.com advising platform is directly aligned with our mission, providing students with a greater understanding of the opaque college admissions process and empowering them with the tools necessary for a successful college admissions journey. This relationship is a win-win for students everywhere.”

The terms and conditions of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

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