Florida bill takes aim at diversity studies at universities

Florida State University

A new bill in Florida sets out to continue the state’s crackdown on diversity efforts. This time in university classrooms.

Florida House Bill 999, introduced this week by Republican Representative Alex Andrade of Pensacola, would permit the Board of Governors to instruct universities to eliminate majors and minors in topics such as critical race theory and gender studies, as well as bar funding for programs that promote these curricula.

Additionally, if applicable, public postsecondary institutions would have to “promote the philosophical underpinnings of Western civilization and include studies of this nation’s historical documents,” according to the bill.

Currently, the Board of Governors supervises Florida’s public universities, and 14 out of the 17 board members are appointed by the governor. Gov. Ron DeSantis has been a vocal opponent of diversity efforts and critical race theory in schools.

Florida has passed a similar law already called the “Stop WOKE Act.” However, the higher education portion of that law was blocked by a federal judge last year.

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