SoFi Bank Files Lawsuit to Halt Biden’s Pause on Student Loan Payments

The indefinite pause on federal student loan payments may be a good deal for borrowers but at least one bank is claiming it hurt their bottom line.

SoFi Bank has filed a federal lawsuit on Friday seeking to overturn President Joe Biden’s recent extension of the payment pause for student loans. The bank argues that the moratorium has no legal basis and has resulted in significant financial losses for the refinancing-focused bank. SoFi Bank claims business has suffered because borrowers have less incentive to refinance while payments and interest are suspended. The lawsuit also requests that a judge restrict the pause only to those borrowers who would qualify for Biden’s loan cancellation plan at a minimum.

Student loan payments have been paused several times since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic but the latest pause is due to pending litigation on Biden’s proposed student loan forgiveness program as opposed to the impact of the pandemic.

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