Biden administration budget includes a $10.8 billion increase for the Department of Education

President Joe Biden has unveiled the spending plan for FY 2024. The plan includes $90 billion for the Department of Education. This represents a $10.8 billion or 13.6-percent increase from the 2023 enacted level.

The budget as proposed has little chance of passing the republican controlled house, but it does outline the President’s priorities.

“The President’s 2024 Budget for ED: makes critical investments to spur the Nation’s future prosperity; addresses learning and funding gaps between more and less advantaged students; bolsters mental health supports for students; expands access to high-quality preschool; meets the needs of students with disabilities; increases affordability and quality in higher education; and invests in programs to improve connections between the K-12 system, higher education, and the workforce.”

Read the full budget here.

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