The College Board: AP African American Studies course will change

The College Board announced on Monday that they will make changes to the Advanced Placement African American Studies course. The change comes after a public dispute with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Department of Education.

The pilot version of the course was barred from Florida schools due to the material being too “political” and “ideological” according to state officials.  

Critics on the other end of the political spectrum accused College Board of bowing to political pressure as the next version of the class seemingly removed material related to the Black Lives Matter movement and reparations.

The College Board says they remain committed to making an accurate course and implies they won’t sacrifice the integrity of the course to accommodate red-state standards:

“In embarking on this effort, access was our driving principle—both access to a discipline that has not been widely available to high school students and access for as many of those students as possible,” said College Board in a released statement. “Regrettably, along the way those dual access goals have come into conflict. The updated framework, shaped by the development committee and subject matter experts from AP, will ensure that those students who do take this course will get the most holistic possible introduction to African American Studies.”

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