Florida explores ‘classical’ alternative to SAT amid college board feud

Florida is considering alternative options to the SAT and ACT exams, amid a dispute with the College Board.

These exams have traditionally been the primary entrance tests for college admissions. Following a disagreement over the Advanced Placement African American Studies course, Governor Ron DeSantis hinted at moving away from the College Board’s courses and tests.

The proposed legislation, HB 1537, grants Florida public schools the choice to use the Classic Learning Test as an alternative to the SAT and ACT. The Classic Learning Test is described as a classical option for college entrance exams and is designed to showcase the strengths of students from homeschool, private, or charter school backgrounds.

Additionally, the bill aims to establish a state-based alternative to the advanced placement courses that initiated the dispute.

Florida’s education legislation often sets a precedent for other conservative states, particularly as right-leaning politicians aim to oppose what they perceive as “woke” curriculum and policies.

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