Oakland teacher strike continues

The Oakland teachers’ strike in California continued for a third day with no progress in negotiations between the teachers and the school district.

The school district is only willing to bargain over wages and working conditions, while the teachers want other items, such as the use of vacant school district buildings for housing homeless students, to be included in the contract.

According to a memo released by the district on Sunday, the latest wage proposal includes a retroactive raise of 10 percent and a one-time bonus of $5,000 for union members. Additionally, it offers all teachers a raise ranging from a minimum of 13 percent to a maximum of 22 percent.

The strike, affecting approximately 35,000 students, comes as the end of the school year approaches, and the district hopes to resolve the strike before making any decisions on extending the year. Critics of the strike claim that students have already lost too much of their learning time and that teachers have jumped to strike too quickly.  

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