A Utah school district removes Bible from libraries

A school district in Utah, recently removed the Bible from elementary and middle school libraries.

The Davis School District pulled the Bible from the shelves of elementary and middle school libraries after a parent complaint. Under a new Utah state law material deemed “pornographic or indecent” is banned from public schools. The law has a provision that enables parents to raise concerns and potentially remove books from schools. The Bible’s inclusion in school libraries was challenged under that law.

They have now received a request to review the Book of Mormon on similar grounds. The Book of Mormon is the foundational text of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Utah notably has a large population of Mormons in both the general population and in the Government.

Other conservative states have similar laws on the books around material in school libraries. School curriculum was a central storyline in the previous election cycle and experts predict it will play a prominent role in 2024.

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