Arrests and clashes at Pride month protest outside L.A. school board meeting

Three individuals were arrested during protests outside a school board meeting in Los Angeles County regarding the recognition of Pride Month.

The Glendale Unified School District board was discussing LGBTQ policies, and both supporters and opponents gathered outside the meeting venue. Anti-LGBTQ protesters waved American flags and chanted slogans against the school board, while counterprotesters displayed Pride flags and signs supporting LGBTQ rights.

The protests turned violent, leading the police to declare them an unlawful assembly due to physical altercations. The attendees were ordered to shelter in place, and three individuals were arrested. Eventually, the police dispersed the protests, and the school board unanimously voted to recognize June as Pride Month.

The incident was condemned by the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which thanked the school board for supporting LGBTQ students and families.

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