ACLU Challenges Indiana’s ban on “Human Sexuality” instruction in lawsuit

The ACLU of Indiana has filed a lawsuit against a new state law that bans instruction on sexuality up to third grade. The law also mandates that schools notify parents when students request to use a new name or pronoun.

The lawsuit claims that the law is unconstitutional and is written overly broad which makes it easy for teachers to violate the new regulation.

Critics say that this is just the latest in a target effort to undermine LGBTQ community.

“This session, legislators were determined to target LGBTQ community members and to censor conversation about the LGBTQ community in schools, HEA 1608 was no exception,” said Katie Blair, ACLU of Indiana advocacy director. “This bill, like others across the country, was modeled after Florida’s infamous Don’t Say Gay law. LGBTQ students exist at all ages and in all grade levels and their stories belong in Indiana schools.”

The lawsuit is seeking an injunction to prevent portions of the law from going into effect.

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