Harvard morgue manager and associates trafficked human remains

A macabre theft ring operating out of the Harvard Medical School morgue in Boston has been accused of stealing human remains and selling them to a network of buyers.

The thefts involved dissected portions of donated cadavers, including heads, brains, skin, bones, and other body parts.

The grand jury indictments targeted morgue manager Cedric Lodge and his wife, Denise Lodge, as well as Katrina Maclean and Joshua Taylor. Cedric Lodge allowed Maclean and Taylor to enter the morgue to choose which body parts to purchase, and the stolen remains were transported between states and shipped to buyers.

The exact purpose for purchasing the body parts is not extensively detailed in the indictment, but it does mention that Maclean sent human skin to a man in Pennsylvania to be turned into leather. Payments were made for the stolen remains through electronic transfers, with one memo mentioning “head number 7” and another referring to “braiiiiiins.”

The defendants face charges of conspiracy and interstate transport of stolen goods.

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