Indiana Moms for Liberty chapter quotes Adolf Hitler in newsletter

An Indiana chapter of Moms for Liberty, is the subject of controversy after including a quote attributed to the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, in its inaugural newsletter.

The Hamilton County chapter published a newsletter called the Parent Brigade which originally contained the quote, “He alone, who OWNS the youth, GAINS the future,” a quote widely associated with Adolf Hiter. After the quote drew attention a revised version added context and condemned Hitler as a “horrific leader.”

The latest version of the newsletter includes an apology from the chapter chair and removes the quote.

The Twitter account of the national organization accused the newspaper that brought attention to the newsletter of “intentional dishonesty,” but concedes that the quote was not used appropriately.

Moms for Liberty is a nonprofit that advocates for parental rights in education. They have made news in recent months for supporting book bans and other forms of censorship in schools.

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