Florida effectively bans AP Psychology due to LGBTQ content

Florida education officials have been told not to offer Advanced Placement Psychology classes unless they exclude any topics related to gender or sexuality.

This effectively amounts to a ban of the course altogether.

“To be clear, any AP Psychology course taught in Florida will violate either Florida law or college requirements,” said the College Board in a press release. “Therefore, we advise Florida districts not to offer AP Psychology until Florida reverses their decision and allows parents and students to choose to take the full course.”

The state’s Department of Education informed the College Board that the course violates Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which restricts the teaching of LGBTQ topics in classrooms. Thousands of Florida students are already registered for the popular AP Psychology course. The College Board argues that excluding LGBTQ topics from the course would censor college-level standards and undermine the educational value of the class.

This move by Florida follows a previous decision to block AP African American Studies courses, which received widespread condemnation from academics and civil rights activists.

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