Biden-Harris Administration Unveils National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy

The Biden-Harris Administration has introduced the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy (NCWES), a comprehensive approach to address immediate and long-term cyber workforce needs. The goal is to fill hundreds of thousands of cyber job vacancies in the nation, considering it a national security priority and an investment to lead in the digital economy.

The NCWES aims to empower all Americans to participate in the digital ecosystem and fill vacant cyber jobs. It focuses on promoting cyber career paths, especially among underrepresented communities. Many of these jobs are accessible through certificates or community college degrees.

The strategy builds on the President’s National Cybersecurity Strategy and envisions a skills-based digital future with good-paying, middle-class cyber jobs available in local communities. It involves collaboration with stakeholders from various sectors, including private industry, academia, non-profits, and government partners.

The NCWES revolves around four pillars:

  1. Equipping every American with foundational cyber skills.
  2. Transforming cyber education to meet current and future demands.
  3. Expanding and enhancing the national cyber workforce with a focus on diversity and inclusion.
  4. Strengthening the federal cyber workforce through improved recruitment and career pathways.

The strategy emphasizes the need for collective efforts by educators, industry, government, and other stakeholders to achieve the desired outcomes.

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