Florida school district requires parent approval for nicknames

Orange County, has told teachers to only call students by names that their parents approve of.

The decision comes as the state has made strict rules about pronoun use in schools. Many of which many people think are unfair to transgender people. The law does not only impact transgender students, however. Any student who wishes to use a name other than the one on their birth certificate will need a parent to fill out an authorization form.

“A parent/legal guardian or any person who seeks to enroll a student under a name other than the student’s legal name or seeks to change the name of a student already enrolled shall be informed that the name of the student as recorded on the birth certificate or other supporting evidence as prescribed in Section 1003.21, Florida Statutes, shall be used until or unless a final court order verifies a legal name change,” says the form.

This rule falls under House Bill 1069, nicknamed “Don’t Say Gay,” signed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who has openly pushed back against LGBTQ+ inclusion policies.

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