Conference realignment sparks concerns about student-athletes

Conference realignment has been occuring for a while now but things have now come to a head as the PAC 12 has dwindled down to a single-digit number of teams.

With the west coast schools like Washington and UCLA potentially joining a conference like the Big 10, which literally has schools on the east coast, some people are questioning how sustainable a season would be for student athletes. This is especially a concern when it comes to travel.

One person raising the alarm in Missouri coach, Eli Drinkwitz.

“We’re talking about a football decision — they based it off football — but what about softball and baseball who have to travel cross-country? Do we ask about the cost of them? Do we know what the No. 1 indicator or symptom or cause of mental health is? It’s lack of rest and sleep,” said Drinkwitz. “Traveling in those baseball/softball games, those people, they travel commercial, and they get done playing at 4. They got to go to the airport, they come back, it’s 3 or 4 in the morning. They got to go to class.”

It is worth noting that Missouri is one of the early movers in modern conference realignment. However, most people view the Missouri move as one that at least made sense geographically in comparison to what is happening now.

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