Prager U has not yet been approved in Texas

PragerU recently announced its materials were approved for use in Texas schools. However, it seems that announcement was premature.

On Tuesday, PragerU uploaded a video to its website proclaiming the arrival of “PragerU Kids” in Texas. In the video, Texas State Board of Education member Julie Pickren expresses enthusiasm about welcoming PragerU into the state. Accompanying the video, a statement asserts that PragerU has been endorsed as an educational vendor in Texas.

However, this announcement does not appear to be sanctioned by any governing body in Texas.

“No one from PragerU has presented to the State Board of Education or has contacted me, as chair of the State Board of Education, to discuss any working relationship,” Said Board chair Keven Ellis to the Dallas Morning News. “The SBOE has not received any request from PragerU to be approved as an education vendor.” 

PragerU creates educational videos but they are controversial because they are considered to have a right-wing slant.

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