Oklahoma State Department of Education partners with PragerU

Dennis Prager – Wikimedia commons (Gage Skidmore)

The Oklahoma State Department of Education has formed a partnership with PragerU,

PragerU is a conservative education group that creates educational materials for students. PragerU focuses on promoting American values and providing an alternative to what they perceive as left-wing ideology in culture, media, and education. This collaboration aims to provide teachers and students with high-quality materials emphasizing American history and values. PragerU offers educational programs covering various topics, including U.S. government, first responder training, financial literacy, and more.

“I am thrilled to announce this partnership with PragerU,” State Superintendent Ryan Walters said in a news release. “This expansion of our available resources will help ensure high-quality materials rich in American history and values will be available to our teachers and students. We will work together to find ways for PragerU to create content that will enrich the education of Oklahoma students.”

This move follows a similar partnership between PragerU and Florida’s education system earlier this year, as states seek alternatives to what they view as a left-leaning educational environment.

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