Anti-Affirmative Action group sues West Point

West Point is being sued for using race as a factor in its admission process.

The suit is being brought by Students for Fair Admissions, the anti-affirmative action group that previously challenged race-conscious admissions practices at Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The group claimed a victory in those disputes as the Supreme Court essentially struck down the core tenant of Affirmative Action.

The lawsuit names several defendants, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, U.S. Military Academy Superintendent Steven Gilland, and West Point Admissions Director Rance Lee. The lawsuit contends that West Point prioritizes race in admissions, with publicized racial composition goals, and argues that this practice is unjustified and unconstitutional, emphasizing that other universities are prohibited from using such criteria.

The Supreme Court had previously exempted the military academies from rulings on race-conscious admissions. Though West Point is the main school named in the suit, it is likely that the ruling from the case would apply to the schools of other branches too.

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