Tennessee considers rejecting Federal education funding

Tennessee is moving forward with plans to potentially rejecting federal education funding.

The amount in question amounts to around $1.8 billion with lawmakers considering covering the funding themselves to gain more control over classroom rules.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally have announced the creation of a Joint Working Group to assess federal education funding, examining the amount received, its utilization, and the feasibility of rejecting it to reduce federal government-imposed restrictions on state schools.

Schools are mostly funded on a state level however federal funding is used to subsidize public schools, especially in low-income and rural areas. While this funding can be significant it often comes with federal regulations and limitations. At a time when conservative states have taken issue with policies and curriculum associated with liberalism, many have begun to question how much they really need federal education funding.

“Federal dollars and the various mandates and restrictions that come with those dollars affect the way Tennessee’s children are educated. Due to our state’s excellent financial position, this is a worthy subject of examination and study,” said Lt. Gov. McNally.

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