High School football coach resigns antisemitic play calls

An Ohio high school football coach, resigned following a controversial incident during a game in which his team used racist and antisemitic language as play calls.

Tim McFarland’s Brooklyn High School team repeatedly used the word “Nazi” as a play call during their game against Beachwood High School, a predominantly Jewish area. The Brooklyn team ceased using the term in the second half of the game after Beachwood threatened to remove its players from the field. However, racial slurs directed at Beachwood players continued during the game. McFarland submitted his resignation, expressing deep regret for the incident, and the Brooklyn Schools Superintendent issued an apology for the hurtful and harmful speech, emphasizing that it would not be tolerated.

The incident has garnered attention from the Anti-Defamation League of Ohio, and Brooklyn High School hopes to collaborate with them as a resource moving forward. The Beachwood Schools Superintendent noted that this was not the first time Beachwood students had been subjected to antisemitic and racist speech.

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