Missouri teacher resigns amid OnlyFans controversy

Missouri high school English teacher Brianna Coppage, who was placed on leave after her participation on the subscription-based platform OnlyFans came to light, has resigned from her position, according to a school district official.

Coppage had joined OnlyFans to supplement her teaching salary, which was around $42,000, one of the lowest starting salaries for teachers in the nation in Missouri. She mentioned that she was earning up to $10,000 a month on the platform. However, following her suspension, her OnlyFans account gained more subscribers and she increased her subscription price, expressing no regrets about her involvement in the site.

Coppage’s resignation comes amid controversy over her dual role as a teacher and OnlyFans performer. While she defended her choice, it sparked a broader discussion about teachers’ salaries and the challenges many educators face in making ends meet with low pay.

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