Texas judge temporarily blocks release of controversial school ratings

A Travis County judge in Texas has issued a temporary injunction, blocking the Texas Education Agency (TEA) from releasing this year’s annual school ratings.

The judge found the state’s new school rating system to be unlawful and potentially harmful to school districts across Texas. Dozens of school districts had previously sued the TEA, alleging that the new evaluation methodology would result in unfair drops in their ratings. The agency had already postponed the release of the ratings, originally planned for September, until later in the year to allow time for adjustments.

The TEA plans to appeal the judge’s decision, which prevents the release of A-F performance ratings for schools and districts. The current accountability system assigns grades from A to F based on standardized test performance, academic growth, graduation rates, and college and career readiness. The revamp of the rating system had faced criticism for its inequitable approach, particularly the change in the college and career readiness portion, where high schools would now earn an A grade only if 88% of seniors meet certain criteria, potentially leading to significant drops in ratings for many schools and districts.

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