Scholastic reverses controversial decision on diverse books

Scholastic, the largest children’s book distributor and publisher, has decided to reverse its previous decision to separate titles related to LGBTQ+ and racial diversity.

This change comes after significant public scrutiny and backlash following their announcement to create a separate collection for these books. In an apology letter, Ellie Berger, the president of Scholastic Trade Publishing, acknowledged that the decision to segregate diverse books was a mistake, even if it was made with good intentions. They have decided to discontinue the separate collection, which included titles related to prominent Black figures and other racial and ethnic diversity, starting in January. Scholastic is now working on a plan to ensure a broader range of books on these topics are made available to children.

This reversal by Scholastic reflects a growing trend of educational organizations facing backlash for decisions related to diversity and inclusion in response to legislative restrictions. Initially, the decision was advertised as a way to protect the workers and schools from state laws that censor the type of material students can be exposed to.

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