Cornell University cancels classes amidst antisemitic threats and gun scare

Kenneth C. Zirkel, via Wikimedia Commons

Cornell University has canceled all classes on Friday due to what the school has described as “extraordinary stress” on its campus in recent weeks.

The move comes after violent threats against the Jewish community and a report of a person carrying a handgun on campus. In response to these threats, the university is designating Friday as a “community day” to allow students and staff to take a break, except for essential services employees. This decision comes amid heightened tensions related to the conflict between Hamas and Israel, which has led to a rise in antisemitic incidents globally.

One of the incidents involved a 21-year-old junior at Cornell who was arrested for allegedly posting threats to harm others. He specifically threatened to “shoot up” the school’s Center for Jewish Living, leading to increased security and FBI involvement in investigating the threats. Additionally, there was a report of a male carrying a handgun on campus, which turned out to be unsubstantiated. In response, the university’s president outlined plans to make the campus more inclusive and safe, including implementing policies against doxxing and enhancing support services for those affected by doxxing.

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