Moms for Liberty underperforms in school board elections

Tina Descovich founder of Moms for Liberty
ReasonTV, CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Moms for Liberty, a right-wing group advocating for a conservative agenda in public education, faced setbacks in school board elections across the United States.

Despite endorsing candidates in various states, the group, known for opposing topics like racial justice and LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools, failed to gain significant traction with voters.

The battleground included Pennsylvania, where Moms for Liberty had endorsed over 50 candidates across 28 districts. However, their endorsed candidates faced difficulty securing seats, with Democratic candidates winning in the suburbs. Similar outcomes were observed in states like Virginia, Iowa, Minnesota, Alaska, and North Carolina, where Moms for Liberty-backed candidates struggled to gain support and often lost their races.

These results suggest that the group’s hardline stance on “parental rights” and its opposition to specific educational topics may not be resonating with a significant portion of voters, indicating a potential limitation to the effectiveness of such a conservative education agenda. This is the second election cycle where education issues did not lead to the results conservatives expected. In the mid-terms, experts predicted education issues to create a “red wave.” However, that never materialized on election night.

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