States experimenting with direct admissions programs

More states have begun to implement direct admission programs.

Direct admission is essentially a commitment by a state’s higher education institutions to offer acceptance to eligible high school students who meet specific academic benchmarks. Unlike the traditional college application process, which often requires standardized tests, essays, and a competitive selection process, direct admission simplifies the pathway to college.

Indiana University Indianapolis recently announced automatic admission to Indianapolis Public Schools students with 3.0 GPA.

The University of Tennesee plans to offer guaranteed admission to the top 10% of the state’s high schoolers.

Georgia’s public colleges have automatically reserved spots for around 120,000 high schoolers.

The University of Wisconsin System is currently working out its own plan for direct admission.

Direct admission is not only seen as a way to help students but also schools that are struggling to boost enrollment. Additionally, the practice has been mentioned as a possible method of achieving diversity in a post-affirmative-action landscape.

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