Florida rejects social studies textbooks and gets publishers to modify others due to content “concern”

The Florida Department of Education approved social studies textbooks for use within the state. Only about 65% of the textbooks submitted were approved. Others were not approved due to passages of concern. Initially, the number of rejected textbooks was much higher but according to a press release, the Department of Education worked with publishers to modify their books enough to be approved.

“When submitted materials were initially reviewed upon submission, only 19 of 101 (19%) materials were initially approvable due to inaccurate material, errors and other information that was not aligned with Florida Law,” said the release. “Since then, the Department has worked directly with publishers, who have updated their materials to comply with Florida’s rigorous standards.”

Florida and Gov. Ron DeSantis have made national news for vigorously opposing content and curriculum they perceive to be “woke.”

The Florida Department of Education provided examples of objectionable content that was either removed or rejected altogether. State education officials took issue with descriptions of communism and socialism. As well as passages around the Black Lives Matter movement.

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