Lawmakers take aim at Gervon Dexter’s NIL deal

Hughs (talk | contribs), CC BY-SA 2.5

An NIL deal has come back to bite a Chicago Bears rookie and people are crying foul.

Florida state legislator Chip LaMarca has asserted that the name, image, and likeness (NIL) deal signed by Chicago Bears rookie Gervon Dexter during his time at the University of Florida violated a Florida state NIL law. Dexter agreed to pay the Big League Advance Fund (BLA) 15% of his pre-tax NFL earnings for the next 25 years in exchange for a one-time payment of $436,485 in 2022. This arrangement raised concerns as it appeared to extend beyond his collegiate eligibility, contradicting the state’s original NIL law’s provisions.

LaMarca, who sponsored the initial legislation allowing college athletes in Florida to profit from their NIL, described Dexter’s deal as a “predatory loan” and emphasized the need for proper athlete representation and guidance.

Dexter’s attorneys are seeking to void the agreement with BLA, claiming that it doesn’t comply with Florida’s NIL law and athlete agent statute. They argue that the contract lacked specific language required by the statute, didn’t notify the Florida athletic director, and BLA and its agents weren’t licensed in Florida.

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