Florida contemplates ‘classical’ alternative to SAT and ACT

Florida is considering accepting the Classic Learning Test (CLT) for college admissions, which would make it the first state to do so.

The CLT is an alternative college entrance exam that emphasizes humanities, morality, and classical literature, and it has gained popularity among Christian schools and conservative political groups. The move comes after a dispute between the administration of Governor Ron DeSantis and the College Board, which administers the SAT. DeSantis has been promoting classical education and supporting the CLT as an alternative to what he perceives as left-wing bias in standardized testing and education.

The CLT was created in 2015 and has been accepted by over 200 predominantly private universities. Florida’s consideration of the test aligns with a broader movement in education circles frustrated with progressive influence. While some see the CLT as a way to include religious and conservative perspectives in education, critics argue that it relies on outdated teaching methods and may not adequately assess students’ abilities in a modern context.

This comes as many schools are debating the value of standardized testing as a whole. Some schools have shifted to “test optional.”

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